Mirado Consulting has its roots in product development, where we today have some of the industry's best talents. Our expertise extends across various industries and we work with clients like Spotify, Klarna, Volvo On Demand, Embark, DICE and King.

We know that having the right team is key to success and we are committed to helping our clients create innovative products that drive real impact and transform their business. We are passionate about delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed our client's expectations.

With us, you can trust that your product development needs are in good hands!

We offer consultants within

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    Frontend Development

    Our consultants are experts in designing, developing and architecting Javascript/Typescript applications with modern frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular. We have extensive experience in delivering high-quality software solutions for technically complex frontends focused on the optimal user experience.

    If you’re looking for mobile rather than web, no worries. We also have mobile app developers that are highly skilled in iOS and Android, providing their expertise in Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin and Java

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    Backend Development

    Our colleagues possess a profound comprehension of the most recent technologies and tools in the sector. Rest assured with us, we know how to design, architect, develop and deploy high-end backend services in which high availability, high performance, low latency and scalability is crucial.

    Our consultants have experience in a variety of languages and frameworks such as; Java, Kotlin, Golang, NodeJS, .NET and Python to mention a few.

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    DevOps & Cloud Engineering

    If you need expertise within automation, cloud architecture and services then Mirado is the place for you. With automation and performance in mind, we provide robust and resilient infrastructure from our skills within CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-code and Cloud environment independent of your preference with GCP, AWS or Azure. Our DevOps/Cloud Engineer at

    Mirado have experience in supporting everything from startups to some of the most established companies within Stockholm’s tech scene.

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    Product Management

    Our Product Management consultants will be the swiss army knife in your organization. Their expertise in concept development, product design, technical solutions, and how to manage both teams and team members. This comes from a deep understanding of how to bring business value, how to create the product vision and executing on that. All of these while maintaining a customer focused approach where, using data and technology to create customer friendly digital products.

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