Working with the best people is what makes a great workplace. And a great workplace attracts the best people.

We believe that mediocre colleagues or unchallenging work are what kills the progress of a person’s skills.

We will ask you what you love doing in terms of technologies and products and then find a project that will thrill you. We work with the biggest brands in the tech industry and always on-site with our customers, as we believe that great products are built in close proximity with the business and its end users. We want your energy and passion to rub off on whichever team you are working with.

The behaviours and traits that we particularly value in our fellow employees and seek for when we recruit:

  • We love Passionate people
    You have a great attitude, you have high energy, you have a hunger to learn and you love to celebrate

  • We love Humble people
    You treat people with respect independent of their position and you take time to help your colleagues

  • We love High Performers
    You run the extra mile and stand responsible for your end results, you keep your deadlines

  • We love people that take Ownership
    You are pro-active and self motivated, you are self-improving, you treat root causes in stead of symptoms, you act as a leader

  • We love Team players
    You take time to listen to your colleagues to get a better understanding, you invite other in your work, you communicate in a good manner, you work to improve transparency