Working with the best people is what makes a great workplace and a great workplace attracts the best people.

We will ask you what you love doing in terms of technologies and products and then find a project that will thrill you. We work with the biggest brands in the tech industry and always on-site with our customers, as we believe that great products are built in close proximity with the business and its end users. We want your energy and passion to rub off on whichever team you are working with.

But we also know that changing company, workplace setting and culture can be challenging, so we prepared a detailed F.A.Q. to answer most of your concerns, of course with insights from our dear Miradoers 😉

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Was Mirado the first consultancy agency you joined?

Majority of our team members are first-time consultants, so you won’t need any prior consultancy work experience.

Was Mirado your first consultancy experience?

How does the compensation work as a Mirado consultant?

Our compensation consists of a base salary and variable salary. The variable salary is based on the total utilisation rate of your employees, i.e. how many % of your consultant are on assignment. Which means that you can be in-between assignments and still get full payout. The variable salary increases with seniority but is on average 9% of the base salary.

As we have very talented team members we also have a high utilisation rate. Since we started the variable salary has never been lower that 80% of the full payout.

On top of the salary we have a very beneficial equity program, where all employees are offered to buy shares in Mirado once per year.

Am I supposed to find my own assignments? 

No, we have a great client network and through that we get healthy flow of interesting assignment proposals - so no need to worry or being stressed about finding new assignments.  But if you wish to bring in a client with a potential project to the us, we would love that as well :-)

What is the process to get a new assignment?

Prior to you joining us, we will build your personal profile, with information such as

  • key competence

  • example of your previous experience

  • education and work background

we will then send your profile to our database and see which client would be interested to have you on-board. We will then forward you the various options we gathered and you will let us know which company and assignment looks the best in your opinion.

Once you selected the best possibilities, we will schedule interviews with the Project Manager or person responsible of hiring consultants in the respective company.

Am I ever forced to take an assignment that I don’t want?

We always listen to your requests and the kind of sector you wish to be part of. Having a thorough interview process this enables us to get to know you well and understand if you will enjoy working with us and our clients. You will never be forced to take on an assignment if you don’t wish to!

Can assignments get boring and if so, what can I do about it?

As all jobs, there might be elements of the work that you don’t love. But if you are not happy with your assignment you can let us know and we will make sure to come up with a solution, either by solving it though talking with the client or finding you a new assignment.

How often will I change assigments?

On average, our consultants change assignments every 2 years, but we’ve had cases that we have changed the assignment after 3 months because it was not as good match as we thought it would be and we have had cases were a consultant has been with the same client for 4 years, but in different roles.

At the client, will I be treated differently because I’m a consultant?

Our clients will do their best to treat you as one of their employees. If there is any issue we will do our best to solve it and if we can’t solve it, we will look for a new assignment for you. That’s one of the benefits of being a consultant, it’s much easier to change assignment than to change a job.

Do you ever feel like included in your client's activities?

Will I have problems asking for a mortgage as a consultant?

At Mirado, you are a full time employee so there will be no difference getting a mortgage compared to if you would work at a product company. Further, we have close relationship with Swedbank that gives you a discount on the mortgage interest rates.

How many years of experience is needed for me to join you?

We are looking for talented and passionate people independent of seniority, but it helps if you have at least one year of professional experience (part time work counts as well).

How many years of working experience did you have before joining Mirado?

Will I get as many benefits as if I worked in a product-oriented company?

We have a competitive benefit offering such as a first-class health insurance and some really cool lifestyle benefits: Wednesday breakfasts, two conference kick-offs per year, tech workshops and activity evenings followed by dinner once per month… we like to hang out and share our knowledge.

Do you feel you would have better benefits scheme if you had to be full time employed?

Is my perspective taken into account when working on an assignment?

You are on assignment to deliver fresh perspectives and work as part of the team, so you will be asked for your opinion, just as if you were working as an employee for the client.

Do you feel you have a say in decision making processes at the client?

How does Mirado work with improving your skillset?

We know how important it is to remain challenged and grow into your better-self as a programmer but also, person. We thus offer to cover the costs of any courses you wish to take on (if it also makes sense, of course). We also have weekly tech presentations, a tech workshop every three months and in-depth tech workshop during our kickoffs. Besides, our talent acquisition manager is also a professional coach - we have you covered!

Do you feel that your expertise is improving?

If I work on-site at the client and am employed by Mirado, will I be able to connect with the Mirado team and stay in touch?

Absolutely! We have so many fun activities going on, there will be plenty time to connect and become friends with fellow Mirado members. Also, we have slack channels for about everything :-)

Do you know your colleagues well enough at Mirado? Do you feel connected to them?

If I am from abroad, will it be difficult and strenuous for me to get a work visa?

Mirado works closely with Deloitte which handles our work visa application process. And we have a few of our team members that have relocated from countries such as Australia, the UK, Brazil and South Africa, so no worries on this side!

Was it difficult to obtain a visa with Mirado?